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    Harvey Stein initiates us to the art of embracing the crowd

    Following Coney Island 40 Years (2011) and Harlem Street Portraits (2013), BRIEFLY SEEN is the last in Harvey Stein’s trilogy of books capturing, in stills, New Yorkers’ renown energy in their natural setting, the city. In this final work Stein’s attention focuses  on midtown and downtown Manhattan. Walking down a busy street in the heart […] More

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    Andy Warhol doesn't pause

    Warhol’s glasses project the lights of the silver screen. David Bowie knew and sang: “Like to take a cement fix Be a standing cinema Dress my friends up just for show See them as they really are Put a peephole in my brain Two New Pence to have a go I’d like to be a […] More

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    Engraving beer in history- Grolsch celebrates 400 years of full-blown creativity

    The Dutch have traditionally been a humble population of seafaring people thriving on a lowland river delta on the European northwestern coast. Their territory has been repeatedly invaded by the Roman Empire, later the Francs (the medieval version of the French), the kingdom of Germany and even traded to Spanish catholic control.  However this persecuting […] More