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London Fashion Week – Vivienne Westwood SS21

Vivienne Westwood presented her SS21 collection in a short and vibrant video, with a poem by Brian Nasty and great tracks by Muck Spreader and Skinny Girl Diet – also part of the cast alongside other artists, performers, activists and models. Some of the video was filmed during protests outside the Old Bailey, in support to Julian Assange, under the threat of an extradition to the US.

The collection features signature pieces and prints from the designer, with checks and stripes on tailored/deconstructed suits as well as a bright red version of the infamous platform shoes that caused Naomi Campbell to fall on the runway circa 1993.

The designer also used her friend Chrissie Hynde’s art to create new beautiful prints. She mentions herself in the notes that this idea came from here husband Andrea Kronthaler, and they made a donation to Chrissy’s charity as a thank you ( – a farm that doesn’t kill the cow).

The brand aims to become always more sustainable, now producing only one collection a year, and as much as possible with sustainable, organic fabrics.

There’s definitely a punk vibe to the whole show and collection, and this is what we love from the unstoppable dame Westwood. We are encouraged to buy less, swap and more importantly to have fun with clothes and fashion:

“Our collections are Unisex, our fashion always takes its cue from traditional English tailoring – Savile row – fine-knit twinset and pearls for men or better still just the button-up cardigan, bare chest.

Buy less, dress up, swap clothes. It is always street theatre, we play around with size of detail, collars, turn-ups, pockets, buttons, ties, accessories; size of graphics – giant pin-stripes, giant spots or spots so tiny they look like a dust of colour, flowers. Dress for the time of day, or don’t dress for the time of day – wear your evening clothes to the office if you go back to work, mix seasons – our aim is to show only one collection a year.”

What do you think?

Written by Laurie Guillem

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