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Designer Igor Gulyaev Sets Sights on Dubai Haute Couture Fashion Market

A selection of spectacular pieces from the Igor Gulyaev Fall line are being introduced at the Dubai maison, located in The Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road. With Ramadan approaching, these one-of-a-kind pieces and stunningly elegant gowns have been
specifically designated for the Arabian women of Dubai.

The Dubai maison is the first branch of the exclusive fashion house of Igor Gulyaev to be located outside of Russia.
“We are very excited to bring our fashion line to Dubai,” said Igor Gulyaev. “We select each creation for its colours and design to showcase to the Dubai market as we want to tailor to the local customer with a style that is unique and elegant.”
“I believe the line is a perfect match for the local women of Dubai,” continued Gulyaev.
“We can offer refined and exclusive pieces that also cater to a more modest dress sense.”

During the holy month of Ramadan, the Igor Gulyaev maison will welcome guests with the Ramadan Spirit and give them a remarkable and unique opportunity to discover the Arabicinspired Abbaya collection.
The brand, Igor Gulyaev is based on a meticulous set of principles set out by the designer from the very beginning of his career. His philosophy is perfection at every stage of the creation process – from the initial inspiration, to sourcing and selecting materials, through to hand-detailing and superior quality finishing.
With the distinguished fashions of Igor Gulyaev entering the haute couture market of Dubai, and to be chosen as the first international city to represent these creations, the city’s offerings have just stepped up a notch in sophistication. Every creation that comes from this fashion house is incomparable – like a work of art – and must be seen.
Founded in 2009 in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Igor Gulyaev fashion house has become renown as an innovator and specialist in the haute couture industry. His collections have attracted worldwide and celebrity attention for their unique style, superior quality and sophistication. The Igor Gulyaev name is aligned with traditional classic fashion of Imperial Russia with an influence on stunning designs in fur, magnificent evening gowns, smart style and accessories with distinction.

Maison Igor Gulyaev Dubai:
The Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road
Ground Floor
PR Contact:
Louis-Felix Communeau
Igor Gulyaev Press Relation Officer Middle East
Dubai, UAE
Tel +971 56 445 2915

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