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POCA & POCA introduces its Spring/Summer 2018 “Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish” Collection

As the sun rises to greet the day, the morning dew glistens in its rays on the blades of grass across the meadow. In the middle of this vast green field sits a beautiful manor, where the POCA & POCA girl lives. She opens her eyes to the glimmering light and smiles appreciating the natural splendor outside her window.

She takes a walk outside to collect the flowers by the stream which she loves gathering to decorate her hall with. As she takes her steps on the green lawn, her dress swaying back and forth across her, she notices a soft white sphere contrasting in colour and texture against the grass, it’s a dandelion. It reminded her of her childhood, a sweet and loving memory with her mother who smilingly picked it up, and held it close to her and told her that when she blows on it softly, the dandelion’s extraordinary seeds would divide and float gracefully in the air, spreading across the earth to grant her desires. The POCA & POCA girl smiles at this recollection, she picks up the dandelion, opens her heart, closes her eyes and makes a wish. Surely enough, the angelic white seeds of the dandelion drifted away into the world, carrying with them the cherished dreams of the POCA & POCA girl to make them all come true.

Delicacy, grace, purity, charm and lightness are the inspirations behind POCA & POCA’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘Close your eyes and make a wish’, a title dedicated to the whimsical and elusive magnificence of the dandelion. The collection embodies elegance and sophistication reflecting a sense of romance to the feminine form found in delicate and light fabrics of tulle, lace, silk, valance and pleats.

The pieces making up the collection comprise of large volume skirts, high-waist trousers with large pockets on the sides, wide-legged jumpsuits one with decorative leaves along the waist, long dresses and elegant blouses some decorated with leaves on the shoulders, and the another with bows along the sleeves. All of these creations embrace gentle ruffles, soft 3D as well as laser cut fabrics in modest colours of white, cream, copper yellow, sand and black – all perfectly reflecting the exquisiteness and daintiness of dandelions.
The collection is now available at the POCA & POCA boutiques at the Galeries Lafayette in The Dubai Mall, Le BHV on City Walk, Robinsons in Dubai Festival City, and online on

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