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Introducing the 7 Second Overnight Mask from

Dreaming of beautifully soft and glowing skin?
Following the international success of its 7-Second Morning Mask™, global sheet mask leader STARSKIN® introduces its next all-in-one cult mask – the 7-Second Overnight Mask™.

Up your night-time skincare routine with this luxurious non-water based all-in-one that takes just seconds to apply, and provides all-night nourishment for beautifully soft and bouncy skin, even after a late night out!

The Ultimate Night-time Skincare Shortcut
Inspired by the Koreans’ meticulous multi-step skincare routines, the 7-Second Overnight Mask™ comes in 20 single-use mask pads soaked in a lightweight and velvety non-water based serum of White Water Lily and Queen of The Night extracts (70 %) – both superhero ingredients to improve skin texture, promote skin-healing and improve elasticity.
Undiluted by water, the powerful serum is packed with a list of potent botanical extracts such as ultra-nourishing Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and
Wild Chamomile, a host of amino acids to stimulate collagen production, cell renewal and regeneration. As you drift away to sleep, the leave-in mask contains slow-release ingredients that form a sleeping mask on the skin, replenishing, repairing and nourishing the skin throughout the night.
Sleeping Beauty
This trendy sleeping mask contains two very unique and STARSKIN-exclusive components – STARSKIN’s new METEOBRITE™ Complex (patent pending) and DREAMSTARTER™, a blend of mood relaxing essential oils such as Lavender and Bergamot to help calm the body and mind for a good night’s sleep.

METEOBRITE™ comprises some of nature’s most potent ingredients and precious Meteorite dust. Rich in silica and minerals such as iron and copper, this highly purifying and glow-inducing ingredient works with a medley of potent natural botanicals to rev up collagen production, reverse signs of aging, and deliver maximum radiance.
STARSKIN® co-founder Nicole Arnoldussen says, “It’s not just a fairytale, but when we’re asleep, our body goes into recharge and recovery mode to repair damage caused in the day, so we are beautifully fresh and reenergized for a new day.”

“This is the best time to supercharge your skin quality night skincare products with high concentrations of active ingredients to support the skin’s recharging and recovery process. So you can wake up to beautifully softer, suppler and more luminous-looking skin!”

All STARSKIN formulations are free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates and synthetic dyes. We are PETA-certified and all our products are not tested on animals.
The 7-Second Overnight Mask™ 7-in 1 Miracle Skin Mask Pads is priced at AED 180 and is available for purchase from Sephora Middle East Stores and online at

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