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A New Mission Accomplished for Operation: Falafel

Operation: Falafel welcomes a new home at The Dubai Mall
Operation: Falafel, the authentic and much-loved Levant street-food experience, is proud to announce its latest mission; a new store located in The Dubai Mall, representing its 10th location worldwide. Pioneering authentic Arabian cuisine by blending a rich history with an urban-contemporary finish, Operation: Falafel’s latest outlet will showcase both all-time favourites for loyal fans together with an array of exciting new additions that will have guests falling in love with Operation: Falafel’s signature taste for the first time.

Operation: Falafel puts a fresh spin on the Middle East’s culinary tradition, reimagining popular dishes with an innovative and contemporary twist. Highlights from the menu include the irresistible herbed and spiced Chicken Shawerma, generously stuffed into a freshly baked Pita Bread with ripe pickles and an aromatic spread of creamy garlic paste. If chicken won’t swing, discover the perfect alternative in the Beef Shawerma, flaunting rich and mouth-watering layers of sliced beef shawerma, plated and rolled in the signature Pita bread and generously garnished with juicy tomato slice, fragrant onions and parsley. No meal is complete without the Dubai hero dish, the Classic Falafels, served golden crispy on the outside and delicious and soft on the inside, freshly made every day with chickpeas and a secret assortment of fine herbs and spices. A new contender for the hearts of UAE diners are found in Operation: Falafel’s latest addition; a classic Knafeh, with a crispy and addictively cheesy base richly topped with luscious sugary syrup and crunchy pistachio nuts. This sweetly indulgent Levant classic will be exclusively available at the Dubai Mall and The Beach, JBR in the New Year.

Be transported on a traditional Levantine journey reimagined with Operation: Falafel!

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