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Aqua Pod: the first-of-its-kind sustainable floating drive-through debuts in Dubai Official opening takes place on February 2nd

The UAE further solidifies its position at the forefront of global innovation with the launch of Aqua Pod, the world’s first sustainable floating drive-through, set to float in Dubai’s lagoons, providing visitors with a first-of-its-kind experience while at sea.
For the first time ever, sea-goers can satisfy their hunger from while at sea and pull up to enjoy food and beverages as they would from a traditional food truck.
This unique floating drive-through concept comes to us at the hands of 27-year-young, award-winning architect Ahmed Youssef, founder of Aquatic Architects Design Studio (“AADS”) and creator of the Aqua Pod.

“Realizing the value of the sea, we have set out to create an innovative platform which allows us to tap into the aquatic market, with sustainability at the core of every design decision to preserve the marine environment,” says Ahmed.
“In Dubai, we are almost always surrounded by water; Emiratis and residents alike spend significant amount of time at sea. At Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS), we understand the value of the region’s shorelines and beyond, so we saw an untapped opportunity to bring an innovative concept to the UAE. “
The Aqua Pod boasts a revolutionary architectural design with pioneering sustainability features, matching the UAE government’s focus on green initiatives. These enable the Aqua Pod to act as a waste collector wherever it is located, eliminating the discharge of brine into the sea. Largely running on electrical power, the Aqua Pod’s operations enable the production of clean water from the sea excluding any negative discharge, allowing this creation to exist without environmental harm.
In line with the UAE’s vision to drive innovation and sustainability, the Dubai Maritime City Authority (“DMCA”) pledged its complete support to this unprecedented project by creating a new license category for this unique floating facility, placing the Aqua Pod as a benchmark for future creations of its kind.
“The support of the DMCA has been instrumental in the Aqua Pod’s successful launch and is a testament to the UAE government’s forward-thinking commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly amongst youth,” concluded Ahmed Youssef.
The first Aqua Pod, appropriately named “Salt Bay”, serves up a creative burgers menu, set to rival the city’s juiciest joints. Salt Bay, a unique concept created in collaboration with successful F&B entrepreneur Koussei Kurbaj, is the first of many creations that Aqua Pod developers look to float across the UAE, bringing the country’s most creative creations to consumers at sea.

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