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Meet Aida Fara, Owner of Fara Beauty

Aida Fara Co-Founder of Fara beauty is a very popular psychologist in Iran and a very successful business woman and an amazing role model for the today’s youth that every woman should look up to A woman with passion, love, contentment and perseverance she is the perfect example of Beauty and Brains.
Aida Fara studied psychology and has been withdrawn with beautification since she was in her teens for all her relatives are into the salon business and her mother alone has her own salon and growing up with the kind of community and surrounding she has adapted the same love for beautification although she has pursued both careers. The main aim of this lady to creates cosmetic and makeup products with the international brand and place Fara Beauty in a top list of the beauty companies. Yearly, a massive number of women getting more benefits from her beauty and makeup tips.
Aida says: “Me and my sister Nazanin Fara are an energetic persons and couldn’t sit in a salon day in and out, so we pushed our self to figure out what ladies nowadays like expect what they find in the beauty magazines and blogs before launching our first product we did a lot of extensive research to find the right products honestly. And with our psychology degree, it made it easier to approach and ask the right questions, from our fellow ladies.
We are currently working on some new exciting products and launching our new cosmetic line in March 2018; it will be available through our website, and cosmetic shops in the middle east and Europe, for middle east UAE/IRAN/ Turkey and for Europe: Norway/Germany/Italy
I can confidently say that our primer is one of the best in the market a lot of time and research went into that product.”
FARA BEAUTY has a well thought and carefully handmade design of luxury eye lashes, latex free Beauty sponges that are just worth it, and one of the most popular and on demand product is FARA BEAUTY’s very own Facial Brush Cleanser that has a 4D motion’s “smart cleansing”, massage and foundation and that’s just the highlights visit the website for more products .
FARA BEAUTY is now one of the most leading brand of cosmetics around the GLOBE and having branches as far as Germany, Norway, UK, Iran and Dubai

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