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4 Yummy reasons to eat Healthy this year

1. Operation: Falafel’s Quinoa Tabbouleh

Operation: Falafel infuses the essence of Arabian Cuisine with its freshly made Tabbouleh with the superfood of the millennium, the adored Quinoa, creating the ultimate superfood. O:F’s Quiona Tabbouleh flaunts a combination of nutritious quinoa and freshly picked vegetables that are bursting with seasonal flavors making it the perfect option to kick-start to your new diet.
2. Awani’s Chargrilled Fish with a Tomato Sauce

Tuck into the chargrilled hamour fish at Awani, served with a tangy fresh tomato sauce. This waist-conscious dish promotes a protein-packed hamour-fillet that is grilled to perfection and finally garnished with crunchy pine nuts; an energizing source of nutrition. This mouthwatering number comes accompanied by a side of delicious potatoes, too!

3. Catch 22’s Steak Salad

Elevate your average salad with Catch 22’s hearty yet healthy option. This Steak Salad satisfies your meaty cravings with slow grilled lean beef tip steak accompanied by goat cheese-balls decorated with lightly sweetened candied pecans. Topped perfectly with a flavorful and light chimichurri dressing.This explosion of flavours is seamlessly balanced for you to try when to combat those unhealthy desires.
4. Chicks ‘n’ Friends’ California Salad

Chicks n Friends have you sorted with your next go-to salad. Nestled in crisp romaine lettuce and a bed of baby spinach, a mixture of candied pecans and crispy quinoa, give the delightful dish an extra crunch. While the rich in antioxidants, Dried Cranberries and Pomegranate add pops of fruity flavour. Pulled together with shredded sharp cheddar and a smooth herb ranch dressing, this salad is far from another boring salad

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