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Back to school fashion your boys will love
This season, splendor, elegance and luxury cross the mountain chains and Texan prairies to reach the scintillating lights of Dallas to create BILLIONAIRE JUNIOR’s latest collection.
Alongside the traditional colors of black and speckled grey, used respectively on outerwear and fleeced garments, seasonal shades recall Texan landscapes: bright browns, mainly seen on sheepskin jackets and leather, evoke sandy mountains, while cornfields turn yellow; blue reminds us of waterways flowing into the gulf; a shade of red verging on burgundy is reminiscent of tiny wild prairie flowers and, finally, the gold and silver embroideries and trims echo the gleaming lights of Dallas.
As always, the fabrics of the Billionaire universe are extremely refined and add to the charisma and personality of the Billionaire Kids collection.
Along with classics such as winter cotton fleece, fancy fabrics, leather and pique, this season shows a strong emphasis on denim. Texas means denim and Billionaire proposes a highly sophisticated interpretation, one that breaks with the past and features new washes and finishes, such as multi colored coatings, as well as leather trims or sheepskin collars on jackets.
Graphic design focuses on the iconic Billionaire crest, symbol of the Billionaire Community, and introduces animal figures on T-shirts and shirts, playful and carefree. The brand’s lion symbol is reinterpreted in typical Texan style, complete with Dallas- style cowboy hat and multicolored bandana. The sartorial touch emerges in embellishing techniques, from velvet flock to embroidery, from transfers to water printing, hot-fix rhinestones and digital printing.
The not-to-be-missed look for a true Billionaire Texas Boy is the blue or natural brown- dyed sheepskin teamed up with a micro-patterned print shirt trimmed and embroidered in gold, washed denim with logo pockets and, finished off with leather ankle boots.
Store Details:
– Kids Puzzle, Dubai Mall
– Salam, Doha
– Blue Salon, Doha

Instagram: @billionaireinternational

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