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Eid Collection by Moroccan caftan label, Selma Benomar

Stunning actress Mayssa Maghrebi said to inspire the designer, creating a lavish new range

Selma Benomar, the luxury Moroccan caftan label loved by some of the top female celebrities, has launched its Eid Collection. Inspired by the love the caftans received from a lot of the stars in Arab media and even the red carpet, where the luxury and grandeur of these caftans has been the topic.

It is no news that Selma Benomar caftans have long been associated with A-list celebrities, including the beautiful Mayssa Maghrebi. The gorgeous actress is said to have inspired caftan prodigy Selma for a few pieces in the range. The Moroccan beauty is said to have laid the foundation for the range with her rich cultural background and her dazzled performance in some of the most iconic shows in the Arab Media. With her beauty on the inside and out, Maghrebi is the epitome of a strong, Arab woman.

The designer said more about this, “My relationship with celebrities comes through my art, my work and their immense love and support. Mayssa showcases a style that is feminine yet fresh. She is someone a lot of women really admire and look up to. I wanted to create something for this gorgeous actress and friend of mine.” Most of the people that approach her are awed by the beauty of these caftans and Selma’s passion for designing the intricate, high quality pieces. The brand continues to position the traditional caftan in the region, as it gains more love and admiration with each elaborate piece and collection.

The last collection was heavily inspired by the beauty of rare flowers and the striking color palette found in nature. For the recent collection, the pieces are made using only the highest quality of materials, with the fabrics especially brought in from Milan and Paris. This is precisely because fabrics play an essential role in the overall look and feel of a caftan. The designer sees them as painted panels and draws beautiful visuals through them, eventually turning into a collection full of glory and enigma. The details in the collection are done carefully using only the best crystals adding the perfect regal touch to these simple pieces. With lush embroidery leading the way, the finishing touch is usually an intricate belt, adding a new level of charm to the pieces.

With the luxurious fabrics beautifully worked and opulently embellished; the brilliant skills of Moroccan artisan is very visible in this collection. Designer Selma Benomar has certainly changed the image of the Moroccan caftan in the Arab World. With each growing, brilliant collection, the brand aspires to reach more people, narrating the story of Moroccan art, skill and garment.

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