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An Autumn Love Affair: Tim Hortons X Oreo

Tim Hortons & Oreo join forces this summer for an exclusive Middle Eastern pairing….

Cafe & Bake Shop Tim Hortons prepares to delight the Middle East and show its love of innovation with the launch of its exciting new romance that Gulf residents will love! Available exclusively across the Gulf for a limited period starting from 26th August, the maverick masterminds behind the most delicious donuts around town have collaborated exclusively with the globally acclaimed and adored Oreo. The result? A limited-edition selection of sweet treats to satisfy the wildest cravings of every dessert-lover in town and set social media alight.
Sharing the love for a limited time only, the Tim Horton’s x Oreo partnership showcases the Oreo Iced Capp, ground from Tim Hortons Signature base and generously laced with Oreo crumbs, delivering depth-defying creamy goodness. Alternatively, one can opt for the more traditional and refreshing Oreo Frappe, playing on the classic oreo’s and milk snack with a fresh twist of vanilla, infused and chilled to perfection.
If a sweet bite is what the heart desires, Gulf residents can bring their dreams to life with the Oreo Puff; a signature Tim Hortons cream filled donut, generously topped with powdered Oreo cookies and crumbs. For guests looking to end the day on a sweet-note, indulging in the Oreo Timbits would be the answer, combining the flavors of both worlds to satisfy any dessert-lovers dream.
Tim Hortons X Oreos: A romance to savour.
Available exclusively through August 26th to October 5th at all Tim Hortons outlets in the GCC

Iced Capp with Oreo – Starting from 18 AED
Frappe with Oreo – Starting from 18 AED
Timbit with Oreo – Starting from 1 AED
Donut Dream Puff with Oreo – Priced at 7 AED

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