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Alien Musc Mysterieux

Symbolic of enchanting, faraway lands, intoxicating and refined, the source of mystery and sensoriality, of dreams and wonder, the Orient never ceases to fascinate us with its splendor, mystery and wealth. A universe similar to that of Alien, filled with light and imagined by Thierry Mugler ten years ago… An extraordinary and mysterious world on the edge of reality, where the Sun Goddess offers her precious talisman to women, in order to reveal their brilliance and splendor.

After Alien Oud Majestueux, a first edition glorifying the oud or agarwood, Parfums MUGLER unveils Alien Musc Mystérieux, a second opus inspired by musk, another noble ingredient of perfumery. Inspired by the sensual and bewitching world of the Orient, MUGLER has created the Alien Oriental Collection, a sumptuous alchemy between ALIEN and the Orient, where each creation pays tribute to the majesty of a delicate and precious raw ingredient. This is a collection of fragrances designed for passionate lovers of rare perfumes, and refined, elegant, raw materials.

Alien Musc Mystérieux, between light and shadow

Like the first opus in the collection, Alien Musc Mystérieux is an invitation to travel on a journey that highlights and enhances musk, one of the noblest ingredients in perfumery. While maintaining the original signature of Alien Eau de Parfum composed of the sambac jasmine, cashmeran wood and white musk trio, Alien Musc Mystérieux reveals a new and bewitching musk note, magnified by sensual vanilla. The fragrance weaves around this new and unique saffron-musk-vanilla revelation, with an overdosed musk tinged by the profusion of colors and contrasts from a mixture of blended spices. Infused in mystery, this revelation continues to resound in a vibrant fragrant trail of absolute richness.

Alien Musc Mystérieux is a mysterious and sensual scent, where musk reveals first its shadowy and then its luminous facets, like the mashrabiya latticework of an oriental palace. A mysterious woody-oriental-musky Eau de Parfum created by Dominique Ropion, the perfumer-creator of Alien Eau de Parfume

Marvels and mysteries of musk, from its animal origins to reconstitution

The so-called “tonkin” musk, initially of animal origin, is now recreated, thanks to advanced technology and know-how of perfume houses. They have imagined new musks that keep their animality and sensuality intact, yet with a smoother and more transparent scent. The countless tonalities of musk enhance the perfumer’s palette and are an endless source of inspiration. Nothing less was needed for the magic to work its charm between this divine note and the second opus of the Alien Oriental Collection.

A mysterious woody-oriental-musky Eau de Parfume created by Dominique Ropion

A mysterious jewel set in white gold

After the majestic gold of Alien Oud, luxurious and mysterious white gold inspires the Alien talisman bottle. Its facets sparkle in a subtle palette of golds, a metaphor of the blending of light and shadow, Occident and Orient, like the magical encounters offered by the bewitching fragrance trail of Alien Musc Mystérieux. The jewel is set in majesty at the heart of a pyramid-shaped box, also sheathed in white gold and mirrors.

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