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Corum Lady Golden Bridge Round

The Golden Bridge is an iconic timepiece of Corum since 1980. It was the beginning of this year when we met the Golden Bridge Round for the first time. Vincent Calabrese, design developer of the model, decided to create a movement that has a minimum connection with the case. For the past 35 years, the unique Golden Bridge movement has been cased in many exceptional variations, case shapes, and materials. The pinnacle of Corum’s collection, this timepiece in its many versions is innovative and unique: its uncommon caliber is sheathed in sapphire crystal, allowing 360° view on the movement.
Now, the Swiss company returns with a new Round model sized for a woman’s wrist that likewise allows the observer to see how one is able to think outside the proverbial box to create an astonishing play of geometry featuring round and rectangular shapes. Following the design codes of art deco, the Golden Bridge Round focuses on the harmonious electricity between shapes, materials, and functionality. The combination of round case and beautifully engraved and finished inline movement turned on its side perfectly complement one another, while the extra embellishment of precious resin and diamonds surrounding the fully visible caliber add color, sparkle, shine, and eye-catching brilliance. The colorful natural resin elements are housed within a gold micro structure “cage” set with diamonds and handcrafted embellishment. The diamonds are expertly set by a local artisan.
“The Golden Bridge is the capstone of Corum’s collections, an illustration of Swiss horology at its best,” Corum’s CEO David Traxler said. “Its innovative aesthetic and unique movement construction are timeless. With this, we wanted to go further with the architecture of the movement and timepiece itself.”

Written by noemi


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