Fendirumi pop-up soon at Harrod's

To celebrate the opening of its first Fendirumi pop-up at Harrod’s on Thursday 4th August, Fendi welcomes the arrival of two celebrity guests, the Fendirumi themselves: Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun.

The Italian House has invented the Fendirumi to pay homage to the Japanese phenomenon of kigurumi mascots. Inspired by the QuTweet bag charm, the sweet, girly-pink Piro-Chan has large yellow eyes, a blue crest and features of course the Fendi logo. Whereas Bug-kun is boyish blue, with an attitude, and is inspired by the much-loved Bag Bugs charms with its yellow crest and double FF logo. Silvia Venturini Fendi explained : Japanese pop culture and kigurumi-mania gave me the idea of having two Fendi mascots to attend our events, shows and openings. The Fendirumi embody the spirit of Fendi Fun.

The visitors will enter the Fendirumi world, and will surely be amazed by the vibrand and visualy arresting space. Reflecting the furry character’s personalities, the space was designed on purpose to welcome hundreds of bell jars with rotating miniature Fendirumi lined on the walls. Exclusive products will be merchandised from an enormous pin Ape car, which is the traditional three-wheeled Italian vehicle, meanwhile a specially created Fendirumi cartoon will be shown on a vast LED screen. This presentation will offer an ideal backdrop when the mascot will pop in to surprise guests, who can meet and take selfies with them!

The two bag charms inspired by the Fendirumi are miniature versions of their full-size couterparts, recreated in mink and kidassia fur. The two Fendirumi have their particularities : the Bug-kun charm features also fox fur, while the Piro-chan has big crystal eyes. A range of other exclusive-to-Harrods products will be showcased in the pop-up, including croco-steel bags in vibrant shades, Mini Dotcom Click pieces and Strap You variations inspired by the Fendirumi.

Last but not at leastn the two new Bag Bugs, Har and Rods, will be available in limited quantities, alongside with exclusive ready-to-wear pieces, created especially for the pop-up, also on sale.

Don’t forget to look out for the Fendirumi, who will be exploring London’s key sites of interests as VIP tourists during the week before Harrods pop-up opens!

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Written by mariebrunet

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