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The Boss Menswear Collection for Fall/Winter 2016 new film advert is full of Rythm and Moves. Strickingly rythmic and vibrant, Hugo Boss reinvents the boss men by making him walk on an elegant playboy rythm.
A clock ticks. A fan whirrs. In the reception area of an abandoned factory, a sharply dressed young man waits alone. Restless, he stands and begins to explore. Confident, elegant, his movements evolve from subtle finger clicking to spinning, sliding, striding and finally somersaulting onto the factory floor below. As the space around him comes to life, the man’s outfit seamlessly changes as he steps from one empty room to the next. The TV’s crackle with static, the machines crank into operation, an electric atmosphere fills up the place, enhanced by the music’s rythm.
Directed by the visionary Barnaby Roper and starring young Dutch model Sven de Vries, the energetic mood of the film is perfectly in sync with the new BOSS Menswear collection. It is no surprise that Barnaby Roper perfectly matched with the Boss feeling. The talented photographer and director’s work has already appeared in numerous worldwide publications including i-D, Dazed and Confused, British Vogue, Arena, Japanese Vogue, GQ Style and French GQ. Roper has also directed videos for famous bands such as Razorlight, Snowpatrol or the singer Moby. The music, Rythm and Moves, was created by the musician based in Brooklyn,Tristan Bechet. His impressive work is an eclectic mix sicne he has moved from visual art, to the avant-guarde, to punk and electric rock, in various forms and incarnations. Brechet’s work is base on fronting bands, composing, producing and performing whilst remaining resolute in the creations of challenging , high-concept music.
The strikingly contemporary silhouettes and fabrics meet iconic motifs and materials wuch as houndstooth, pinstripe and corduroy. All reworked for a bold new aesthetic, the new Boss Men is even more attractive and full of confidence.The vibrant film ends as it began, the man returns calmly to the waiting room and the clock continues to tick. What just happened may simply be a product of his imagination? Maybe, or maybe not…Whatever the truth, this bold new-season film continues to evolve the unique, modern vision of BOSS Menswear.
Get the rythm and wach the video here :

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Written by mariebrunet

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