Hood By Air and Wench Performance

The designer Shayne Oliver’s brands,  Hood By Air is surely a reflection of his unique personal history. The self-taught designer and DJ  born in Minneapolis,  lived multiple lives, in the Caribbean during part of his youth and Brooklyn during his most formative years before creating the brand wich is continuily pushing the boundaries and disolving divides.
On June 24th, Hood By Air hosted a runway performance in the legendary establishment SUN CITY spa in Paris. The models walked through the corridors and rooms, and finally ended the show in the basement’s swimming pool. Shayne Oliver offered an intimate preview of Hood By Air’s Spring 2017: Delivery One, which will be presented in September during New-York Fashion Week.
As we could have noticed before Hood By Air is supported by many international musicians and singers, including Kanye West, Rihana, Ciara, Kendrick Lamar or A$AP Rocky. This time, Shayne Oliver worked with the Venezuelan electronic producer and DJ Alejandro Ghersi, better known by his stage name, Arca. During the runway, Arca played a preview of WENCH- of which the collection is named after- a music project by both the fashion designer and him. 
Robotic and complex, the project is matching Hood By Air’s collection, reinventing fashion as a concept and not only as a way to dress. The atmosphere surrounding the collections takes power in the graphical and deconstructed outfits wich are completely winning over the body. The oversized pants covering the foot on one side, the genius yellow and orange striped shirts with its super-long sleeves, or the total black-leathered outfits, Hood By Air takes off the beaten tracks to create something inexplicably attractive.
Red and black, grey tones accorded with white, purple and deep blue, with a bit of light brought by the yellow and orange mix, the simple colors associations are bounding the different outfits. The beige boots particular heels seem inspired by japanese Geta traditional shoes, as the contemporary shape is finishing the looks.
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