Lacoste Fall-Winter 2016/2017

Here it is, Lacoste is lauching the first images for its Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Collection. Inspired by the brand’s heritage its core values, the Lacoste new collections are all defined by three main themes; Nautical Look, French Flair and Zero Degrees.
The start-of-season theme Nautical Look, cleverly combines the aesthetics of 1990’s nautical graphics with the modernity of colour blocks. The looks feature  refined line and strong colours for a successful start to the year. Lacoste masters the combination between classicism and contemporary elegance in this Nautical Look first collection. The second theme French Flair, reflects the soberness of traditional tennis codes. Refering back to the brand’s history, the tennis stripes, pleated fabrics and embroidered crocodile are gathered in those new  original Lacoste pieces. Finally, the last theme Zero Degree, proves that comfort clothes can also have style. The materials used are cosy, padded and perfect to undergo cold times. The superimposition is essential to create those charming winter looks.
For the Men’s Collection, the first theme Nautical Look, was imagined to give a fresh  vision of Lacoste menswear. The primary colours are mixed with a nuanced palette of blues and natural colours, enhancing the designs, as the bold stripes, colours blocks and graphics borrowed from sailing. The materials used are combining strenght and lightness. Nylon technical fabrics stand side by side with twill, jacquard and cotton knit to create stand-out garnments. The lightweight blue cotton jacquard shirt perfectly matching with jeans create a total casual denim look, as the navy three-quarter-length trench coat brings to the collection a more urban look and can be worn over a T-shirt with wide red-white-and-blue stripes. The heavy piqué graphic polo shirt can be combined at a push with suit trousers, reminding Lacoste codes. The sporting spirit of the 1990s is back into fashion with Lacoste Nautical Look.
The French touch is represented with the French Flair theme and its colours with bordeaux, blue, green and grey tones dominating. The traditional Lacoste graphics are added, with the tennis stripes, the all-over kinetic prints, and the micro patterns. The materials such as the wool knit and cotton piqué reflect the brand’s heritage in a collection whose simplicity is enhanced by subtle details. To stroll the streets in complete relaxation, minimum chic is essential. The grey wool teddy jacket can be worn with a micro-patterned polo shirt and bordeaux chino trousers. The tennis stripes are edged with black to underline the sporty elegance of a polo shirt. Lacoste timeless style is competing in the French Flair collection with a three- quarter-length trench coat combinated over a tennis-striped sweater. The brand’s heritage and modernity are mixed together in the new navy blue blazer embroidered with the crocodile wich hints at the one worn on tennis courts by René Lacoste.
The theme Zero Degree is dedicated to winter colours as deep blues, bordeau, grey and khaki lit up by touches of bright colours such as yellow, blue and red. To bring this collection to life abstract camouflage print, caviar print and coloured piping have been chosen as the main graphics. Lacoste is of course faithful to quality materials, and uses technical fabrics and thick-solid-coloured or milled wool to guarantee warmth and authenticity. The winter cold offers a showcase for coats: a padded technical jacket, an ingeniously cut two-tone parka. The padded jacket with collar/lapels and flap pockets borrowed from blazers is bringing an elegant touch to the collection, as the square padded teddy jacket and the textured safari jacket are contemporary pieces to absolutely wear this winter. So many options which can be worn with elegance to combat the urban cold or mountain snows. They harmonise perfectly with loose- fitting wool or tweed trousers for resolutely chic and casual looks.
Let’s focus now on the womenswear collectio which was designed the same way as the men’s one. Starting with the Nautical Look, with the same materials, colours and graphics, the collection plays the double card of sporty refinement and urban chic by playing on details. The femininity of a cross back denim shirt dress, the sensible look of a navy and white sweater to be worn under a navy cotton gabardine trench coat, or even the relaxed nonchalance of a red sweatshirt marked “Flairplay” . The perfect geometry of the colour blocks on the polo swing dress is enhancing the body’s shapes  while giving the look a navy feeling.
The French Flair women’s collection is paying tribute to the Lacoste silhouette, with a particular femininity  guaranteed by an ensemble consisting of a skirt and sweater with tennis stripes in shades of green which give the illusion of a dress. A trompe l’oeil dress which combinated with a blouse creates a lighter look while the two-tone pleated skirt can be worn with a sweater whose neck is elegantly underlined by stripes. A masculine look is taken on board and the style is made falsely casual by combining a jacket and free-flowing jogging bottoms. Surfing on today’s trends, the micro-patterned sweater under the long straight double-sided green coat is perfectly matching with the French Flair innovative theme.
Zero Degree for ladies means comfort and of course sophistication, with the blue/Bordeaux/grey rugby-striped knitted dress of which bottom of the sleeves are lit up with a touch of bright yellow.  Adopting a casual look whith the  bright red sweater screen-printed with “Sports d’hiver LACOSTE” and combined with legging trousers for a more daring outline, is a good reason to get ready for winter! The close- fitting dress in technical fleece marked tone-on-tone also with “Sports d’hiver LACOSTE”, as well as the tweed coat which can be worn over a skirt, are two elegant everyday outfits. The zip-up polo shirt ensemble or the hybrid parka with removable overlays at the bottom of the sleeves are perfect allies to combat the urban cold with a very modern look.
September is coming…while waiting have a look at the fashion show Lacoste during the New-York Fashion Week here :

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Written by mariebrunet

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