Emporio Armani Autumn 2016 Jewellery Collection

Emporio Armani Autumn 2016 Jewellery Collection is surely what women and men will need this fall to empower themselves. Armani masters the art of creating graphic pieces that display dynamic masculine style and edgy feminity. This Collection presents a captivating jewellery assortment, classy and elegant.


The men’s jewellery collection is representing Armani codes, by evoking the herringbone patterns seen in many best-selling Emporio Armani watches. In this way the quintessential Emporio Armani black-and-silver colour palette is employed to create a stiking effect always associated with the brand’s vision of masculinity. Herringbone-etched black steel is paired with polished stainless steel and black leather for bold style, an element which is also a part of Armani’s DNA.


The women’s collection echoes the ladies’ winter 2016 Emporio Armani watch collections. The pairing oversized chains with accents of gummetal, rose gold and crystal enhance the industrial yet feminine look while the bracelet’s design is bringing a delicate touch to the collection.


The collection is already available in stores and online, discover completely at

Written by mariebrunet

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