YUIMA NAKAZATO Fall-Winter 2016/2017

Born in 1985, in Tokyo, the Japanese fashion designer Yuima Nakazato was, in 2008,the youngest Japanese to graduate from the Fashion Department Master’s Course of the world-renowned fashion school, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. He launched his eponymous brand in 2009, since then the designer never stopped astonishing the fashion world with his incredible creations .
At the basis of Nakazato’s design theory are three elements: “Cosmos”, “Future”, and “Nature”, while “Fashion” is to “imagine and create the future of humans”. From his original approach to material development, incorporating the latest in technology in his products, and collaborating with various industries, to costume design for movies, theater, and top recording artists, Nakazato continues his work in a wide range of fields. Surrounded constantly by art from his early childhood since his parents were artists, Nakazato has learned to understand art and materials by the years of seeing and watching his parents’art pieces, traditional performing arts, stage design, and costumes, which all have influenced him greatly.
For his Fall-Winter 2016/2017 Collection, Yuima Nakazato takes us to an intersideral vacation. It all started with a trip to Iceland, where the designer encountered grand landscapes of icebergs and auroras.This out of planet experience became the inspiration source of [UNKNOWN], the representation of natural wonders created by Japanese craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.
Nakazato used different materials and mixed them,  to create those sepcial sculptured pieces. The Collection is made up of cells, rectangular sheets of film, which are intricaly put by a plotter machine and folded like origami to create single units then linked together to give the three the dimensional garnments all their power.The iconic Hologram material developed by Yuima Nakazato, have been designed with the photos of Icelandic ice using FUJIFILM’s printing technology.To further expand his outer worldly vision, the designer imagines a future in couture where the human body can be transformed as an element of fashion. This Collection could be the beginning of this future, as the clothes are already envelopping the body as an indivisible whole.
With the assistance of Stratasys, the 3D graphic computer, body parts were printed using cutting edge 3D printers.The obscured line between real and virtual in today’s world was crossed with Yuima Nakazato’s creations by presenting a collaboration of 2D and 3D printing techniques, along with Hologram film used in LCD screens. The Collection celebrates not only a new future but also the the birth of the [UNKNOWN] dress, not human neither mineral, the creations simply have to be understood.

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Written by mariebrunet

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