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Claes Iversen Fall-Winter 2016-2017

Claes Iversen, the Danish designer based in Amsterdam, presented his Fall-Winter Couture Collection on the July 3rd. Poetical and magical it seemed like time had stopped in the Suite Montaigne, under the beautiful Salon Hoche, in Paris.
Passionate about authenticity, purity and natural quality, the designer created a collection with soft colors such as white, light blue,  pink and reddish tones, and aureolin yellow reminding the daffodils. As always in Claes Iversen creations the earthy feel of materials that are true and honest is an essential element, here thin lace, tulle, shiny satin and gracious silk were composing the outfits.
Claes Iversen is also attracted to unorthodox applications and innovative combination, that’s why the flower garnments added to the dresses were somehow looking like a flower mat, as if the blossoms were living into the clothes. The embroideries were disposed elegantely and enhanced the beauty of the clothes.The designer is also an absolute perfectionist, dedicated to craftsmanship and excellence to the last stitch, the Collection was subtle both through the theme choice to the clothes designs following this dreamy, flawless feeling.
The Collection’s shapes and structures were inspired by the late Sixties, especially on the round collar shapes and the simple one piece dress, while the other pieces were paying tribute to the Haute-Couture traditions. Nevertheless, the Collection’s modernity was interesting and was highlighting Iversen’s style.
The models were walking among the public which was unconventional and highly valuable experience to appreciate the clothes movements and details.
Have a look to Claes Iversen Couture as well as Ready-to-wear collection here :

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