A diamond for Jane Seymour

The British-American actress Jane Seymour, also known as “Dr Quinn, Medecine Woman” in her successful TV show, is now honored by a unique blue diamond ring. As the actress was in Singapore to star in The Vortex, a Noel Coward play, she worn the ring during  a private dinner hosted by World of Diamong Group at the famous Cé La Vie Club Lounge.

The Jane Seymour at The Vortex 'Art for Charity' Gala, Raffles Singapore
The Jane Seymour at The Vortex ‘Art for Charity’ Gala, Raffles Singapore

She was first presented to the ring the 25th April. Enhancing the wonderful ring’s beauty by the blue dress she was wearing, Jane Seymour  reaction was priceless as she was absolutely thrilled being able to boast a jewelry creation crafted in her honor, and named after her. Seymour appreciated even more this personal gift as she his herself a jewerly designer.The message  “love has no boundaries and flows unconditionally” of her Open Hearts Jewerly Collection complemented the elegance of the beyond rare blue diamond ring.
The Jane Seymour - I

The Jane Seymour is the only jewelry creation in the world named after the celebrity herself. Of course some actresses have their “named-after” jewels like Elizabeth Taylor, but those creations were pre-owned and not created specially for them. With Seymour herself as the brand ambassador for The Jane Seymour, the ring is indeed priceless. Recently crafted by the World of Diamonds, one of the world’s largest privately held diamond corporations,
the extraordinary 2.08 carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond ring in platinum, celebrates the actress’s accomplishments in the film industry.
Jane Seymour endorsing the catalogue - The Jane Seymour
Jane Seymour endorsing the catalogue of the ring
The mining of the diamond in Russia and the crafting of the jewel in Geneva, are surely a high quality guarantee, ensured by the international organization.  Specially designed for Jane Seymour, the blue diamonds composing the ring have an incredible saturation which have been known to reach 2.000.000$ at Sotheby’s and Christie’s in the past. Nevertheless because of its star-studded recognition the masterpiece may even sell for over USD 5 Million. While the eventual buyer of the ring shouldn’t even blink an eye at the price tag, this doesn’t mean that money can buy everything.The connoisseur must also fulfill certain criteria established at the discretion of the Group’s Chairman. So far, there have been a few enquiries, including from royal families not surprisingly, but the eventual owner is still unpredictable.
Jane Seymour, Karan Tilani, Andy Goh enjoying Martell Cognac Cordon Bleu at Angelina
Jane Seymour, Karan Tilani, Andy Goh enjoying Martell Cognac Cordon Bleu at Angelina
The choice of plating rose-gold  provides the blue diamond a refreshing and unexpected outlook. The same way, the combination of matt and gloss plating was used to provide the ring a special brightness . Elegant and classy, The Jane Seymour, is both contemporary and classic. The floral motif design represents Seymour’s personality as the Erodium malacoide (the flower), despite her accomplishments, the actress is extremely down to earth.
Jane Seymour with Angelina’s signature Hot Chocolate
Jane Seymour with Angelina’s signature Hot Chocolate

Combining elegance, luxury and delicacy the ring reflects Jane Seymour also as a woman and not only an actress. Karan Tilani, Director of The World of Diamonds added:  “The invitation to behold this creation would rather you not compare The Jane Seymour to anything else in the high jewelry world. It is a celebratory treat, more comparable to a mega-yacht or a ticket to the moon.”
A beautiful gift for  talented actress, let’s now hope the wonderful ring will find her owner soon !

Written by mariebrunet

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