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Back to the 1920's interior design glamour

The design Studio Koket created by Janet Morais is collaborating with the Chicago-based designer Donna Hall on the dark glamour of 1920s Chicago in her latest interior design project. A charming way to go back to the 1920’s and experience this particular atmosphere.
The collection is an ideal fusion bewteen European Classicism and American Modernism, or what we could also call a project of Classic Modernism designed furnitures. Donna Hall explained : “The overall inspiration came from the era of the 1920’s in Chicago. I always take cues from the architecture of a space and then twist it in a modern way.”. Janet Morais and Donna Hall are getting along well, Koket’s style and codes are perfecly matching with the interior designer’s ideas. Using spaces diligently to create a perfect balanced bewteen the elements, the glamorous project features architectural details and bold elements layered with texture and patterns combinations.
The concept was also to create spaces where people could already feel like home, Hall added : “I like to infuse interiors with elements from different periods and styles to create timeless, unpredictable surroundings. By merging traditional and contemporary styles, the end result is interiors with layered textures, avant-garde elements, and cutting-edge styling.” The colours are also the main factors guaranteing a perfect balance between those various inspirations: touch of gold, darker tones and lively incorporated pop colours are essential to the complete design.
The Divine Armoire is Koket’s favorite, not just for its exotic and appealing design, but for the message it conveys with its erotic presence which reminds again the 1920’s feeling.

The Divine Armoire

Don’t forget to have a look at Koket’s website:, as well as Donna Hall’s one: to learn more about those two original interior designers.

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