Inside Bentley Paris-Seine Showroom

Bentayga, Grey Model

In April, Bentley the famous luxury car brand opened a new showroom in Paris. Located in the center of the Golden Triangle and measuring over 550m2, Bentley dedicates this space not only to the customers but also to those who would be interested in discovering the brand. The Showroom obviously reflects the brand’s identity, for Bentley luxury means simplicity, authenticity and of course quality.

Jean-Philippe Juvin, Bentley Paris-Seine General Manager, can be proud of this new space entirely designed to offer a special experience to the clients inside  Bentley’s universe. The complete model range can be found in the showroom  such as the Continental GT, the Grand Tourner, including also the new Bentley’s wild diamond : the Bentayga.


The car was named after the Roque Bentayga, a 4642-foot mountain peak on Spain’s Grand Canary Island. Besides this exclusive name the Bentayga is the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world. Its success resides in its unicity since each car is based on the original model and the customers is completely free to choose as many options as wished. From the steering wheel, which can be declined in 8 colours with 24 different dyeing of blue for example, to the front and back seats, the Bentayga is a real achievement for Bentley.

Bentayga, Grey Model
Bentayga, Grey Model

Mulsanne, Black Model, upcoming in September 2016

Bentley is expecting to sell 200 Bentayga in 2016 in France, with an with an average price of 250 000€.  Bentley’s market is spread out all over the world, even if the USA are still  the biggest part of it, with this new showroom in Paris and the upcoming Mulsanne in September, Bentley is proving again their talent and value in the luxury car business.

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