Acne Studios Resort 2017

For its Studios Resort 2017 Collection,  Acne Studios is offering a captivating collection with shapes full of fluidity, softness and feminity.  Jonny Johansson, Acne Creative Director, explained his choice : “I love the counterculture around the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads who followed them. I got thinking about what the daughter of a Deadhead would wear today, her self-possessed attitude, the freedom and fluidity of her clothing, the complexity of the prints, the futuristic edge.”.
This is precisely what we can feel looking at the different outfits. Bodies are enhanced by the clothes delicate sensuality and the colours are skillfully mixed to create a psychedelic atmosphere. The fabrics superposition gives a futuristic aspects to some pieces while other are reminding us of impressionist paintings from  subtle tie-dye to oil-print.

Mix with faded psychedelic oil print, tie-dye patterns and simple loosy shapes.

The surprising connexion bewteen the strict structures of some pieces or the impressive drapped of other, is relevant to Acne Studios will to create a new relationship between the fabrics, the shapes and the bodies.
On the right, duvets inspire  tie-dye padded cape with holes for arms. In the middle, drapped dress with a large cowl. On the right, interchangeable black bag.

On the left, pink/blue/purple tie-dye long dress. In the middle, mixed tie-dye top and skirts with green and purple socks. On the right, inspired tie-dye and patched motocross pants combined with a jacket.

Close up on the Fashion Show, in the middle blue long sleeve knee length dress sits to one side, drapped and fluid.

The shoes are also essential accessories to the final outfits. Sock sneakers, an elevated version of the Swedish clog with straps roughly straped, and the heels which are held by wraps of fabrics are highlightening the overall flawless look.  Simple but efficient, the leather bags with their interchangeable wide straps as well as their contrasting colours are the collection’s final elements.
Futursitic stripped green and black top, fishermanpants held by a thin white belt, shoes with heels held by wraps of fabric.

Acne Studios has again managed  to share its fashion philosophy in this Resort 2017 Collection.

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Written by mariebrunet

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