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SPFW – Day 2 Highlights

A contrasted second day at SPFW – only colour-wise, the quality of the collections remaining delightfully consistent. An explosion of rich, beautiful colours throughout the day versus a palette largely dominated by black and white for the closing show, Karl Lagerfeld for Riachuelo – no surprise here.

Lolitta focussed on colours themselves as a source of inspiration for her collection, and more specifically how to bring energy and light through colours – the times we are living in demand energy, stated the designer. The palette is very wide, from cherry red to emerald green via malabar pink, from neon hues to more earthy tones, or even white for a total look.  The designer also played beautifully with graphic cuttings.

lolitta-spfw-verao17-lookbook-07-654x983 lolitta-spfw-verao17-lookbook-02-654x983

Taking inspiration from French Indochina, and exploring further the combination of French glamour and Far East sophistication, Adriana Degreas presented a very seductive collection of luxury beachwear.

adrianadegreas-spfw-verao17-lookbook-31-654x983 adrianadegreas-spfw-verao17-lookbook-24-654x983 adrianadegreas-spfw-verao17-lookbook-06-654x983

In a totally different register, Juliana Jabour used a documentary about the history of skate in the 70’s to explore different sports in her summer collection. With neon colours, technical fabrics and sporty cuts, what’s not to love?

julianajabour-spfw-verao17-lookbook-03-654x985 julianajabour-spfw-verao17-lookbook-29-654x985

Patricia Bonaldi celebrated Brazil for the summer collection of her PatBo line. Using the national flag as a starting point, the collection is an explosion of greens and yellows, with tropical prints throughout. The designer played with materials and fabrics to create contrasts, textures – satin with steel, denim with (fabulous) hand embroidery, linen with viscose, etc.

patbo-spfw-verao17-lookbook-23-654x985 patbo-spfw-verao17-lookbook-16-654x985 patbo-spfw-verao17-lookbook-11-654x985

The last show of the day was the much awaited Karl Lagerfeld for Riachuelo, offering the opportunity to buy the collection straight after the show. The brand was introducing the new concept of “see now buy now”. A pop up was set up as soon as the last model left the catwalk, and the collection also launched in the shops the day after.

karllagerfeld-for-riachuelo-spfw-verao17-detalhes-16-654x983 karllagerfeld-for-riachuelo-spfw-verao17-detalhes-02-654x983

The collection itself is very Karl, with a black and white palette of course, skin tight garments, lots of leather and a rock chic feel about it.

Laurie Guillem

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Written by Laurie Guillem

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