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Cheval Blanc Randheli Marks the Launch of Tailor-Made Wellness Journeys

Cheval Blanc Randheli Marks the Launch of Tailor-made Wellness Journeys Aimed at Ultimate Restoration
The Maison unveils three bespoke journeys from blissful relaxation to a results-driven programme and the Maldives’ first 360° family-focused wellness experience.

Cheval Blanc Randheli, located in the secluded Maldivian Noonu Atoll, has unveiled a series of Wellness Journeys focusing on complete guest revitalisation and self-renewal.
In a time where unplugging from a technologically-driven world seems impossible, Cheval Blanc Randheli provides a blissful utopia of serenity, a complete escape. Together with the Maison’s lush, paradise setting and exclusive, private ambience, these wellness journeys invite guests to an above and beyond holiday experience in which achieving optimal health and restoration is an ultimate goal.
With programmes ranging from one to five days, guests are invited to choose a daily spa, fitness or sport and culinary activity to design an ultra-personalised and effective journey.
Tranquil Reflection and Renewal
Offered for one, three or five days, the first specially-designed programme, the Wellness Journey, encourages gentle restoration of the body and mind through wholesome, healing activities.
Calming Repair
Daily individualised spa rituals during the Wellness Experience are targeting the weary traveller, overworked and over-stretched, seeking the ultimate retreat. Guests may select from the most rejuvenating treatments offered by the Cheval Blanc Spa, for example, beginning the first day with a one-hour Imperial Relaxing Massage featuring Guerlain’s exclusive Eau de Cologne Impériale. The following day, to increase circulation and to gently improve muscle flexibility, guests may partake in a one-hour Thai Massage, an ancestral dry massage using acupressure and assisted stretching. Or, a Foot Reflexology treatment that speeds overall body recovery by improving venous and lymphatic circulation, bringing an overall lightness to the legs and feet, the foundation of the body. Whether performed in-villa or on the sumptuous dedicated Cheval Blanc Spa island, guests are encouraged to let go entirely.
Mind and Body Balance
In addition to daily spa treatments, guests are invited to partake in a gentle daily fitness activity. The Maison offers Sunrise Yoga with their own yoga master, a serene session overlooking the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. With similar benefits to massage, the gentle stretching of Sunrise Yoga allows renewed blood to flow freely to overused muscles. Further, Pilates courses aimed to increase flexibility and mobility targets core muscles that have contracted due to stress or immobility from work. During these subdued moments of movement, the Maison refreshes guests with freshly-made exotic juices and infusions to promote rejuvenation from the inside-out.
The Maison’s commitment to personal body & mind renewal reaches new heights with the introduction of certified life coaching and nutrition betterment sessions for those seeking in-depth guidance. Recognising the importance of balancing the inner mind through reaching the deepest point of meditative relaxation and intuitive insight, a certified life coach is available for guided Spiritual Meditation and Lifestyle Planning sessions.
Culinary Cures
To round this cycle of well-being, the Maison’s chefs are available to create a tailor-made daily menu of healthful and inspiring meals, designed individually, to address specific lifestyle needs. From low-sodium diets to combat hypertension and high-blood pressure to Paleo and Vegan-inspired diets for lifestyle adaptation, chefs are on hand to meticulously design a bespoke meal programme.
Guests are invited to experience a Wellbeing Journey for one, three or five days with prices starting from USD 490, USD 990 and USD 1,990 respectively, per person*. The journeys include a one-hour spa treatment, a one-hour privately coached fitness session and a bespoke chef’s lunch and dinner at the Deelani, White or White Bar (excluding beverages and premium items) per day.
*Journey prices are exclusive of 12% goods and service tax and 10% service charge.
Results-driven Revival
Designed for modern society’s search for results, Cheval Blanc’s Detox & Fitness Journey focuses on de-stressing and restoration of youthful health through diverse spa, fitness or sport and culinary practices.
Optimised Spa Treatments
This day-by-day personalised programme includes curing spa rituals that, when combined, may provide guests with a sought-out, noticeable body detox. Treatments such as the one-hour Lymphatic Drainage Massage, utilising innovative techniques to encourage the body’s release of toxins and boost metabolism can be performed daily. An hour-long Slim and Firm Silhouette treatment is offered in this programme as well, including a full-body polish and specialised massage technique used in conjunction with a cutting-edge concentrate to improve elasticity of the skin and aid in the elimination of fatty deposits. Rounded by a one-hour Hamman Escape, including exfoliation and an invigorating steam bath, guests are able to purify the skin and soft tissues whilst draining toxins and slimming down through elimination of bloating and water retention.
High Intensity Training
Daily fitness classes are vital to the Detox & Fitness programme. Composed of high intensity workouts to increase body tone, stamina and boost metabolism, the Maison offers a wealth of private or group classes to truly push the body’s limits. Personal trainers offer Circuit Training, a form of rigorous conditioning and an ultimate all-over body workout using timed stations of high-energy cardiovascular exercises coupled with endurance and strength training. Core Conditioning is another Detox & Fitness class that primarily targets the abdominals, sculpting and toning the muscles in the core which leads to a boost in metabolism that promotes weight loss. Throughout the fitness session, guests are presented with freshly-pressed juices and infused waters for a revitalising interlude.
Full-Body Sport
Inviting guests to bring the workout outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Maldivian landscape, private coaches teach exhilarating Wakeboarding or Windsurfing Lessons, each fully engaging arms, legs and core muscles, true forms of full-body workouts.
Fuel for Thought
To ensure the body can reach its maximum performance and recovery potential whilst extending the benefits of the purifying spa treatments, the chefs at Cheval Blanc Randheli will devise a daily menu featuring inspired courses adhering to a high-protein, low glycaemic index model.
Guests are invited to experience the Detox & Fitness Journey for two, three or five days with prices starting from USD 690, USD 990 and USD 1,590 respectively, per person*. The journeys include a one-hour spa treatment, a one-hour privately coached fitness session, an active sport session and a bespoke chef’s lunch and dinner at the Deelani, White or White Bar (excluding beverages and premium items) per day.
A Family-fun Affair
Always advocating family unity, Cheval Blanc Randheli has cleverly designed a Family Well-Being Journey for their vacationing guests, the first of its kind in the Maldives.
Active-Holiday Adventures
An all-encompassing healthful and stimulating programme brings the family together for a daily sport activity, taking advantage of Randheli’s blissful lagoon setting and crystal clear waters, such as thrill-seeking Waterskiing or a Snorkelling Adventure to involve the entire family. For families seeking a bit of sport, Ambassadeurs can host a Tennis Tournament, coupled with lessons to get the family moving whilst improving basic to advanced techniques.
Following these daily sports adventures, a blast of friendly-competition is sparked on the beach or in the Maison’s lush gardens as the recreation team designs festive fitness challenges such as Family Team Training or a Beach Obstacle course.
Family Lounging
After a day of movement and stimulation, families are invited to partake in one-of-a-kind spa and relaxation rituals. From an After-Diving Experience coupling a sensational face and body treatment for post-dive rejuvenation, to a hands-on Randheli Traditional Scrub, where members of the family can practice Maldivian rituals on one another! Each spa treatment aims to provide an interactive wellness education for all.
Together in the Kitchen
To ignite family-bonding and encourage teamwork, the Maison’s chefs host private in-kitchen lessons from Cocktail & Mocktail Classes, featuring classic and zero-octane versions of the Maison’s Basil-jito made with herbs grown in the Chef’s Garden, to Mother-Daughter Cupcake Ateliers where a towering display of glitter-dusted Pink Lemonade Cupcakes comes to life. From dough-throwing competitions and giant clouds of flour created in a Pizza Workshop to a Father-Son Barbecue Stand-off, these culinary experiences inspire creativity whilst teaching about healthful food choices.
Guests are invited to experience a Family Wellness Journey for one, three or five days with prices starting from USD 490, USD 990 and USD 1,990 respectively, per person*. This journey includes a one-hour spa treatment, a one-hour privately coached fitness activity, an outdoor sports session, a family culinary activity and a bespoke lunch and dinner at the Deelani, White or White Bar (excluding beverages and premium items) per day.
*Journey prices are exclusive of 12% goods and service tax and 10% service charge.

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Written by Pascal Iakovou

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