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The collections are infused with an airy lightness that transforms exotic animals into imaginary winged creatures, has feathers fly in prints on swimsuits, captures the beauty of a peacock and gives form to lace decorations which caress the skin. This weightless enchantment is then balanced out by a contemporary sensuality that draws precise lines over the body, exalting the role played by elements like buckles and strings. Metamorphosis poised between myth and reality, these are creations from the atelier where everything is possible and there are no boundaries between what is hidden and what is revealed. Lingerie, beachwear, sleepwear and loungewear lose all defined boundaries, making way for a fluid identity and a desire for absolute freedom through infinite possible matches.
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New paths of expression for lace, embroidery and macramé, the great icons of the lingerie creations alongside silk, that flows softly over the body, along with chiffon, satin and organza.
The rebrodé technique creates a cordonnet embroidery on Leavers lace bringing out certain elements of its design and represents the zenith where these cult fabrics of La Perla style come together. Stitch after stitch, the floral design of this Chantilly lace blossoms on the skin, coming alive like a relief painting. A delicate and sensual tactile experience, that makes items like the triangle bra and bustier truly unique.
Macramé reveals its two different sides: romantic, recalling bobbin-lace designs, and geometric, opting for the contemporary appeal of large and small circles.
A “scratch” design features on the embroidery used on certain tulle items, creating an unprecedented animalier effect.
The bodysuit is versatile and, by nature, perfect for breaking boundaries between categories of garments, dressing the body to create something new every time. Featuring in the collection as lingerie, beachwear and outerwear, this garment can be interpreted in many different ways. Allow the weave of the lace and the embroidered motifs to express themselves as a second skin, opening up with cut-outs at the sides and playing with overlays to reveal its internal structure, thanks to the transparency of the tulle. The full swimsuits, too, succumb to the temptation to transform, becoming bodysuits that can be worn with jackets, trousers and skirts as style companions for perfect looks from day to evening.
An element of style becomes the symbol of the new transversal slant to La Perla lingerie.
The most exclusive bras feature a small sleeve, created from the same fabric, to cover the hooks, making the back perfect to be worn on show.
The print that recurs through this collection depicts a lost paradise, a sort of surreal Eden populated by winged and imaginary animals. The vibrant colours of an Amazon-style forest transform the items featuring the print into versatile pieces to be worn with all the collections.
Folds shaped as fans, essential designs given movement with buckles and golden metal , positioned to exalt and enhance the sensuality of the forms, laser cuts lined with iridescent tulle. With feather flowers and hyper-graphic-style motifs, the printed garments reflect the dual soul of this summer mood between lightness and definition.
The beachwear dimension is played out not only with swimsuits and bikinis but a whole range of clothing too, to be worn for any occasion.
For the first time ever, the embroidered motifs, with their frastaglio finish that distinguish La Perla Maison, the iconic La Perla collection par excellence, have been extended to beachwear, creating an exclusive capsule collection: paillettes and small pearls trace out floral motifs that climb up the neckline of the full swimsuit, which doubles up as outerwear, or decorate the bikinis.
The collections are completed by an array of accessories that range from leather and technical net bucket bags to silk scarves featuring imaginary-animal prints, or two-tone wedge sandals illuminated by golden metal detailing. The two models of sunglasses are produced in Japan by Linda Farrow and come in acetate with metal details on the arms that recall the hooks of suspender belts. One of the models is a homage to 1950s femininity, whilst the other takes on the sinuous lines of the balconette bra.
Black, white, nude, blue, turquoise, red and orange.

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Written by Pascal Iakovou

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