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Wooyoungmi’s spring summer collection will take you to the shining side of the moon

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Space Travel is no longer a fantasy but a reality. The future isn’t something fully unknown; the future is the eternal present unravelling. The future is now. Creators Madame Woo and Katie Chung own this vision of what timing is ultimately: this avoided truth, this irreversible path we are heading towards. Once you know, you can’t unlearn. The same is surely applicable to the future and space travel. So what can Wooyoungmi’s Men spring summer collection 2016 teach us?
In the upcoming future colours will change. For now, we relate to earthy raw saturated colours: orange, red, blue, purple, brown… organic designs : flowers, plants, geometrical, ethnic drawings. But Wooyoungmi’s vision doesn’t include all of that. Perhaps all of it is no longer relevant. The South Korean brand sees next season as more celestial in terms of paints. Tints are more fainted and gleaming: a lot of black and kaki of course but also different shades of grey (no undesired reference here), reflective silvers, whites that mute to a light sparkling green with movement and light, odd meteorite-like browns…
But beyond the colours what is truly given priority to is the textures: transparency, glossy light-mutating textiles, infiltration clashing with impermeable materials. Because of the complex textural work, the overall assemblage of the pieces becomes all the more innovative, thus impacting the overall look in unsuspected ways: wide symmetrical stripe holding a thin shirt together, many zips, reinvented ties, a vest cut like a bulletproof jacket, curious belts…
The designs give the impression of a futuristic and sophisticated military world. There is a Coppola Apocalypse Now feel yet as if the movie was taking place on another planet. Still, at the same time Wooyoungmi remains faithful to its original DNA. Nothing is taken over board. Everything stays measured and subtle. This isn’t an outlandish irrational vision of the future, quite the contrary; it is an astute and believable sight, which makes it all the more perturbing and fascinating. Let the unknown shine through.


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Written by charlotteboutboul

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