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2015 Dubai Tour : The Party Begins

The 2015 Dubai Tour opened a programme of creative, pre-race teasers on Tuesday 27 January, when the race’s most prestigious symbols, the Dubai Tour Jerseys (designed this year by the British fashion icon and cycling lover, Paul Smith) were unveiled.

Gigantic inflatables of the four jerseys are being exhibited at different sites for 3 days: Jumeirah public beach and kite beach on 31 January, the Burj Plaza and Dubai Mall promenade on 1 January, and JBR Beach on 2 February.

On 3 January, the huge inflatables will form the heart of an amazing Giant Jersey Parade through Dubai. The Giant Jersey Parade starts at 4 pm in four different locations around the city. Each of the jerseys will be accompanied by a peloton of 200 cyclists (the “Bike Shop Ambassadors”) on its celebratory journey across the city, to the applause of the Dubai public.
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