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Fendi – (Interviews) Collection Spring/Summer 2015 in Milan

The orchid was the reigning feature at Fendi, which was embroidered and printed on the mesh, leather and fur!The orchid was the reigning feature at Fendi, which was embroidered and printed on the mesh, leather and fur. The orchid was even worn as a hair accessory on the models. Karl Lagerfeld as an architect created a graphic silhouette with caged dresses and played with transparency revolving around the cut outs in the leather. The lightness was clear to see throughout the collection, especially with the strapless dresses in organza, worn beautifully by Cara Delevingne. Another stand out geometric motif was the collage of different colourful pieces of leather, on the short dresses and small jackets. There was also a nod to the Fendi Palazzo as new head quarters of the House with a black dress featuring the symbolic arches. Intervieww : Karl Lagerfeld: The orchids seen here, don’t exist today, it’s an orchid that was in the imperial greenhouse in Berlin, in the Sanssouci Palace, and they choose to not reproduce it anymore. I love everything about collage, you can do it with paper, so why not with textures,with leather, or with anything else. The only thing you need is a special glue and some techniques which have recently been developped. Nadja Auermann : It was fantastic, I thought it was beautiful. It was all structured with the architecture idea but still staying very soft with the see through fabrics, it was really pretty. Elisa Sednaoui : The man exceptionnal things about Fendi, it is not only the design but also the quality of the pieces, the fabrics,the work, and in my opinion I think it really represents the beauty made in Italy, with of course the touch of Karl Lagerfeld, who manages to bring something timeless and classic but at the same time something extremely modern. Karl Lagerfeld : Next year will be 50 years that I’ve worked at Fendi, isn’t that crazy ? That’s a world record that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

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Written by Pascal Iakovou

Fendi – Collection Spring Summer 2015 in Milan

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