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Diane Von Furstenberg – Collection – Spring/Summer 2015 New York

The French Riviera at the Diane Von Furstenberg show…At the Diane Von Furstenberg show we were transported back to the 50s and 60s at the French Riviera. Gingham became the recurring motif, shorts and tops took on a retro feel, the skirts were unbuttoned and worn with crop tops. The fluidity of the pieces, as well as the prints and beautiful colours were a nod to Picasso and Matisse as well as the whole collection having a feel-good vibe, proved with Naomi Campbell closing the show. Interview: Diane Von Furstenberg: For me, it’s all about the joy of life. You know I’ve just finished a book which is coming out at the end of November, so I feel like I’ve had an intense period of therapy, even though I’ve never had therapy in my life. And I realized that when I started, even when I was already a huge success, I didn’t dare say I was a stylist because I liked being a woman who made clothing for women and then this year, after 40 years of working in the fashion industry and seeing the exhibition in Los Angeles and I saw that the dress (the wrap dress) continues to be a success year after year, and it’s been passed down through five generations. It’s quite extraordinary, so there you go, when you want to say DVF, you must say the joy of life, that’s what it means to have confidence in yourself, or to search less to find confidence in yourself. This collection was inspired by the French Riviera, but in the 50s when it was all super glam, when we had Picasso and Matisse and Brigitte Bardot… You can see that with all the dresses you can roll them up and put them in your bag. The only thing you’ll need to declare when you pass the border will be the color.

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Written by Pascal Iakovou

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