FONDATION D'ENTREPRISE HERMES, Solo Exhibition by Benoit Maire

In this up coming September, there will be a solo exhibition by a French artist, Benoît Maire, which is a continue of a season before,  that launched in April 2013 by La Verrière’s curator Guillaume Désanges.
This time specially created for La Verrière, Benoît Maire’s project engages with Guillaume Désanges’s core themes for the ‘Gesture, and thought’ season, highlighting diverse approaches to the direct extension of thought or ideas into work.

Benoît Maire’s generation of artists draws on metaphysical references while at the same time embracing form and objects. Knowledge is a raw material in its own right.

“LETRE” is a new project produced specially for the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, at La Verrière.
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“LETRE” is the third in a series of exhibitions devised by Benoît Maire. The show plays on the French homonyms of its title lettre or letter and l’être, a creature or being as the pretext for a vast installation of sculptures, materials and collages arranged as a composition governed by no explicit rules, exploring sensation and the expression of thought as form.


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