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Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris

The George V Eatertainment Group introduces Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, the latest vision of Raymond Visan, who famous for his unique and amazing concepts worldwide. Raymond Visan drew inspiration from the diversity of cultures worldwide, from architecture to movies, ultimately reflected within his creations.
The hotel is overlooking the famed rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré near La Madeleine. It’s a combination of a French excellence with an Asian codes of well-being and hospitality.
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Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris, is aiming at a 5-star luxury positioning, with a personalized service and premium hospitality. It’s reflects the very essence of a warm environment with an art of living that strives to meet the expectations of guests seeking an unforgettable experience, a celebration of the senses. The concept aims to create a soothing setting, similar to a traditional Asian temple, whilst also bringing to it a resolutely contemporary feel.

Entering through the period porch, beneath a sky lit with 120 red lanterns, which immediately evoke the spirit of the place, guests are welcomed in the reception by a first dragon, formed by a superb mosaic, which is a symbol of strength and life.
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The hotel bar, Le Qu4tre, is a place of colour and light in this golden haven. The room decorated by colourful lanterns, the signature light of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris. Le Qu4tre’s guests will find themselves in a unique atmosphere.
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The restaurant, Le Vraymonde, which opens out on to the interior courtyard. It have been decorated in shades of carmine, orange and golden yellow. It is a dining and relaxation area secluded from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the capital. Moreover, Le Vraymonde restaurant offers original and delicious dishes. The Diners come from the menu of the Chef, Rougui Dia.
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The hotel comprises 56 spacious rooms. And 19 of which are suites. In all rooms, you will find a hushed and cosy atmosphere. From chocolate patina effect walls with hints of gold, oiled oak parquet floor, dressing rooms decorated with Chinese inspired red lacquer and brass door furniture, suspensions in amber silk, richly coloured fabrics, filtered from the light of day by sheer plum-coloured curtains.
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Blondel de Gagny suite located on the 2nd floor. The surface area of more than 120 m2, the large 60 m2 lounge adjoining the bedroom, and a bathroom 30 m2. It decorated with a subtle combination of patina effects, paint and ancient gilt work, which now serve as a haven for the contemporary furniture adorning this breathtaking suite.
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Le Studio b/attitude is the hotel well-being space. This area devoted to peace and tranquillity. The guests an will experience a spiritual and a physical well-being here. The b/attitude range offers a selection of 11 products, five of which are for the face and four for the body.
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There are also a hammam space, a sensorial shower, and a gym equipped with a running machine, elliptical trainer, exercise bike and weight training. A personal coaching sessions are also available by appointment.
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Today, Tarja Visan, the group’s co-founder, and her daughter Ilona Visan proudly perpetuate Raymond Visan’s legacy by ensuring that his latest Hotel fully embodies the spirit of Buddha-Bar worldwide and its unique signature.
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