Fashion Week with Paraguay looked like a spider web

* Nanduti, « spider web », type of lace introduced into Paraguay by the Spaniards. It is generally characterized by a spoke-like structure of foundation threads upon which many basic patterns are embroidered.

This structure, resembling a spider web or the rays of the Sun, is usually made on a small circular cushion. It is also found in drawn thread work.


The International Fashion Show Case in London, organized by the British Council and the British Fashion Council is known for nurturing emerging talent. This year, for the first time, the famous event received the venue of innovative designers from all over the world, including Paraguay and its four followings designers.

Lucia Ferres, Iciar Bravo, Ilse Jara and Astrid Poletti, talented designers from Paraguay, worked this year on a mutual project : showing at the same time, the diversity of the cultures from European, Asian and Middle Eastern influences on the Parraguay ; and put highlight the identity of a whole nation through the Fashion ; based on a common thread, which is the Nanduti’s motif.

Though theirs personals experiences, theirs influences and theirs studies on the “spider web”’s semiotic, each designer choses to offer their own vision. At last, this diversity of works offers a complete wonderful collection, with a common atmosphere, representing a way to see the fashion of this whole nation.

The beauty of this project, staging this “spider web”, is that we can feel this fantastic homogeneity between all the designers and theirs kraft : the modernity, the lightness, the femininity and mostly, the ethnicity.


Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 19.10.29

Through her work on the Nanduti, Lucia Ferres offers a very theatrical vision of the subject. She plays with volumes, draped, to put in stage the fact to be caught by a spider, to be enveloped by its web. Using transparent and textured fabrics, referring to the “spider web”, the designer takes us fully into the world of the animal, giving us a disturbing sensation of realism.


Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 19.12.47

Iciar Bravo focuses on the technical characteristics of the “spider web”, taking only geometric elements. She uses refined colors, linear draped and makes beautiful origamis to offer her Nanduti vision, more modern than the previous but full of meaning too.

  • ILSE JARA    

Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 19.14.15

Ilse Jara‘s works takes inspirations about the base of the Nanduti‘s motif. From this element she leaves her imagination playing with the shapes, the structures and the repeating of radiation, to give a poetic sensation of moving.


Capture d’écran 2014-04-15 à 19.15.54Astrid Poletti takes its cue in the Nanduti’s shapes. She plays with the motif, structuring and restructuring it, to offer her femininity and sensuality vision. Unlike the three other designers, she worked on clothing made jewelry, making the female body as something majestic.

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Written by Pascal Iakovou

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