From Couture to Design: A Meeting with Olivier Lapidus

We met designer Olivier Lapidus in a hotel in the 16th district in Paris, a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower. He knows this hotel well because it was he who created it. It was a crazy idea for his first step into the world of hospitality. This meeting happened thanks to Snap Traveler, a pair of young entrepreneurs wanting to facilitate contact between hoteliers and bloggers and journalists.
 Hotel Félicien
 Olivier Lapidus
 Hotel Félicien 2
After heading the family couture business from 1989 to 2000 and launching several capsule collections, Olivier Lapidus set off on this new venture. After spending several years in China, he returned with a new idea: to adapt his skills as a couturier to design a hotel from scratch. For him “the world of couture was limited only to fashion and that’s it”. These days, couturiers do more than just create clothing, they also design accessories and jewelry and sometimes they found their own stores, which is similar to design in some ways.
It was in this old hotel, the Passy Home that he decided to try out his idea. After three and a half years of work, the Hotel Félicien was born. Only open for the last three months, the hotel is upmarket but still accessible to all.
 Hotel Félicien Bar
  Hotel Félicien 2
From the carpets to the furniture, to the tables and chairs, everything came from Olivier Lapidus’s imagination. His idea: to combine craftsmanship and innovation. As a result of this, craftsmen and researchers worked together to create this furniture. Its crowning glory: woven fiber optics. Never used before, they can be found everywhere in the hotel, from the curtains in the sitting room to the walls of the bathroom. Thanks to the fiber optics embedded within, the furniture changes color, creating a warm and cozy ambiance.
  Hotel Félicien Bathroom
The hotelier wanted to play with colors, lights and materials. Glass is prevalent everywhere in the hotel. Glass (etched with sketches to give the impression of relief) covers the walls of the breakfast room. Leather floors, furniture in flannel and metal, silk curtains… the decor is new and original. Even more impressive is the way fabric has become a decorative accessory in the rooms. The tables are covered in dress fabric and embroidered textiles.

  Hotel Félicien Breakfast Room
The hotel consists of six different floors, each with its own theme. Each floor has a name: the Black Floor on the first floor is more masculine with a liberal use of leather and the color black. In contrast, the sixth floor is very delicate and feminine with the use of silk and white. Olivier Lapidus designed each floor as a single collection in itself, each with their own characteristics. The real showstopper is the suite on the top floor, with a roof terrace and jacuzzi. In addition, Hotel Félicien also has a spa, a massage room and a gym.
   Hotel Félicien Couture Floor
   Hotel Félicien Ruby Floor
   Hotel Félicien Black Floor
Even though he doesn’t want people to think of his hotel as a museum, Hotel Félicien is nonetheless a unique and exceptional place. Definitely a place to visit, even just out of curiosity.
Hotel Félicien Guest Room
Hotel Félicien Guest Room 2
 Hotel Félicien Guest Room 2 3

 Hotel Félicien 3
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Written by Charlotte Agier

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