The Martini Gran Lusso for Martini's 150th Anniversary

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On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, Martini has concocted a new limited edition series: the “Martini Gran Lusso”, literally the Great Luxury Martini!
After eight years of preparation, this new version of the famous Italian alcohol (created by Martini’s master craftsmen) combines two unique extracts. One of them was inspired by an historic Vermouth recipe (an aperitif with a white wine base), aged for a year in wooden barrels; the other is one of Martini’s great secrets, composed of botanical extracts aged in barrels for eight years.
 Martini Gran Lusso
This unusual flavor with a slightly bitter taste in the mouth was obtained thanks to aromatic extracts of specially selected plants. The smooth softness of aged Moscato adds a spiced and soft touch to this Vermouth. With its notes of lavender and rose, the red Barbera grapes add a unique smoothness to this drink.
The Martini Gran Lusso will also allow barmen and amateur cocktail-makers to enhance any mix that includes Martini as an ingredient!
Beware! The Martini Gran Lusso is an edition limited to 150,000 bottles, available at a selection of top-of-the-range points of sale at a recommended retail price of €25 (about $34.34).
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Written by Charlotte Agier

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