Revlon's ColorStay Suede: A Must-Have!

I must say I am a huge fan of Revlon. I have been using their ColorStay lipsticks since I was 15. So it is no surprise I that love their new range of lipsticks: the ColorStay Ultimate Suede. The longevity of its wear is as great as ever with Revlon; the only change they have made compared to other ColorStay lipsticks is the hydrating formula. It is important to note that with these you will not need to use any kind of lip-balm to keep your lips well-hydrated, which is really practical throughout the winter.
ColorStay Suede by Revlon
The product has a semi-matte finish (the fully matte finish may seem tacky, which isn’t very flattering at all). You will have plump, ever-so-slightly shiny lips, not the glossy look you are used to seeing during summer. During the winter you should look simple and temperate, yet chic, which is exactly what the ColorStay Ultimate Suede provides. There isn’t much to say about the packaging: it is simple, practical and ergonomic, everything we’re used to from Revlon (I told you, I am crazy about this brand).
In conclusion: if you would like a super long-wearing lipstick, buy the new ColorStay because it’s perfect! It easily lasts half a day, unless you eat, in which case touch-ups are obviously necessary. It comes in 14 different colors. My personal favorite is number 97 called Designer, which is an orangey color, absolute punk chic.
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Written by Charlotte Agier

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