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Villa Baulieu: A Welcoming Refuge for the Thirsty Traveller

Villa Baulieu
Villa Baulieu is located at the heart of a 140 hectare estate, surrounded by vines, truffle oaks, almond and olive trees. You can enjoy a peaceful stay in one of the eleven rooms overlooking the Alpilles.
The Tuscan-style architecture will help you soak up the Latin ambiance of the place.
Villa Baulieu 2
Why not try some red or white wine during your stay? You’ll discover Villa Baulieu’s exceptional, refined, hand grown and picked wine. You can choose between their white wine with lemongrass and white flower flavors or their red wine with fine spice and licorice flavors, the choice is yours!
Villa Baulieu Wine
Villa Baulieu is a must for connoisseurs and lovers of peace and tranquility.

Villa Baulieu

Address: Chemin départemental 14 C, 13840 Rognes, France
Tel: + 33(0)4 42 60 39 40
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Written by Charlotte Agier

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