Ami Alexandre Mattiussi menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Alexandre Mattiussi is a favorite of buyers and the international press for a reason : his approach of menswear crystallizes the balance between what nowadays men would want to wear and a certain poetry.
His clothes are wearable, sure, but what makes Ami (friend in French) so remarkable is the laid back attitude and atmosphere at his presentations.
Far from the stress and ceremony of runway shows, Alexandre Mattiussi presents his collections with a certain scenery. This season, Ami takes us on a journey (as many designers this season) and we observe models as they wait in the hall of an airport for a flight that seems to never come. What’s eerie about the setting is that it was strikingly reminiscent of a ‘real-life’ episode I had the opportunity to live. When coming back from Milan fashion, most models found themselves stuck at Malpensa airport (their flight underwent a 7 hour delay). The visual theme left me with a strong impression of ‘déjà-vu’ as I basically had seen the same scenes a couple of days ago.
What made the repetition funny was that Alexandre Mattiussi interpretation of the wardrobe in this context was very much in touch with the reality I witnessed. The clothes were of quality with a preppy edge to them. Suits, V neck sweaters and shirts make the most part of this collection. Ami plays again this season with prints and includes tartan and florals to the garment.
Fourteen timeless silhouettes were presented. Basics of good quality but also more poetic pieces. Colors are present but Ami never limits himself in terms of experimentation so no actual palette is defined here. A trait that is a signature of Alexandre Mattiussi ethos
Marc Madeleyn for Ami Alexandre Mattiussi
Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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