Miharayasuhiro menswear Spring/Summer 2014

Fiery and proud, the Japanese brand Miharayasuhiro chose this season as an inspiration a mystical bird : the Phoenix. Mainly used as a metaphor of renewal, it was only a natural aftermath for the fashion house to pick it as the emblem of its spring/summer 2014 collection.
Spring is the season of rebirths and it is duly illustrated throughout Miharayasuhiro’s creations.
Blue, black and emerald green are the most used colors in this collection. Prints are also well represented : tartan, stripes, feathers are aplenty without being over-the-top. Looks usually mix the types of prints and small details such as the linings of the shorts, the bags or the belts echo them.
The overall attitude of this collection is somehow laidback and sportswear inspired : we witness bomber jackets sent down the runway along with leather sneakers. A breezy summer calls for casual clothing which is something the fashion house masterfully executes : light shirts, t-shirts and shorts are not rare.
The phoenix collection was supported by a cast including : Abel Van Oeveren, Malcolm de Ruiter, Andrew Westerman, Benjamin Jarvis, Arthur Gosse, Laurie Harding and Matthieu Grégoire.
Abel Van Oeveren for Miharayasuhiro
Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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