Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2014

Menswear fashion week is a busy week for Kris Van Assche as he also supervises the creative direction for Dior Homme on top of his own eponymous brand. And although his signature shapes are recognizable in both brands’ collections, he also manages to adapt to the Dior Homme ethos without creating a conflict between his usual creed and the fashion house history.
Inspired by Mondrian shapes and the very principle or rectangularity, Kris Van Assche delivered a collection that was clean cut with a strong choice of colors. Looks usual feature shades and tints of a sole color to really allow the audience to focus on the geometrical shapes and obvious inspiration.
Van Assche paid a full tribute to the 80s : the hit Paninaro by Pet Shop Boys was the soundtrack to a runway show where burgundy, hues of blue and black were distilled surgically and the Dior Homme silhouette benefited once again of Mr Van Assche inclination toward sportswear. Metallic details on the leather shoe heels’ were reminiscent of those found on sneakers, a testimony of the evolution of the house in the hands of Belgian designer who insufflated an edgier energy and sense of youth to the slick and proper Dior Homme vision.
Matthew Bell for Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2014
The Spring/Summer 2014 collection was supported by a cast of models, Mr. Van Assche favorites, including : Felix Riess, Victor Nylander, Alexander Ferrario, Janis Ancens, Matthieu Gregoire, Adrien Sahores, Ian Sharp, Matthew Bell, Almantas Petkunas, Elliot Vulliod, Ben Stift, Arthur Gosse, Thomas Bukovatz, Ben Allen, Kristoffer Hasslevall, Jan Purski, Sam Maouchi, Georges de Saint-Mars, Isaac Ekblad, Yannick Abrath, Luuk Van Os, Jeroen Smits and Nemanja Maksic.
Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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