ZZegna Spring/Summer 2014

The second line of the Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna deserves as much attention as its mother. With Paul Surridge as a creative director, the clothes happen to be very poetical and that is what we like with the ZZegna spirit.
Inspired by the simplicity and quietness of Japanese gardens, the Spring/Summer collection is demure and elegant. Paul Surridge chooses to take us in a whirlwind of clean cuts and subtle pastels and dark hues. The Asiatic inspiration is mostly felt on the shoes : leather sandals with metallic accents.
Paul Surridge has fun with the clothing he creates and is not afraid to experiment without falling into a desperate attempt of originality. Lengths and superposition a are the key of this very youthful collection.
A little fabric mixing, a little dose of prints,incredibly pure whites, the ZZegna designer knows his way in menswear clothing.
Alex Ferrario, Anders Hayward, Lewis Conlon, Ben Allen, Jester White were the young men chosen as part of the casting to bring out the freshness of the ZZegna Spring/Summer z2014 collection.
Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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