Moncler Gamme Bleu Men Spring/Summer 2014

Moncler is known for its incredible show settings. Having Thom Browne as a creative director for its “Gamme Bleu” everyone was expecting an over-the-top show and was surely not disappointed as the designer took us into his fantastic universe where fashion meets a dream.
Imagine a breezy afternoon in the late 1800s and a game of cricket and you will capture the spirit of the Moncler Gamme Bleu collection. All white with light touches of red and blue, Thom Browne knows how to make a show memorable and the pieces stand out.
Collegial, the team of boys we got to see all walked down the runway (a grass court) to line up on a bench in their cricket outfit. Skirts, padding, dramatic volumes and historical nods, all of these are strong elements of Thom Browne identity and were translated into this collection. Peter collars and ties and a superposition were found on all the runway looks, giving off a very British dapperness vibe added to double breasted jackets.
The faces chosen to embody the ethos of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection (and that will appear on the finale photograph) were Linus Gustin, Alex Cunha, Aiden, Andrews, Rutger Schoone, Janis Ancens and Nick Offord.
Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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