Fendi Uomo Spring/Summer 2014

Welcoming us in a construction work meets Sahara setting, the Fendi Uomo show was unsettling.
Fendi is known for the eccentricity of its runway show and their length too. And if we take into account these criteria, the spring/summer menswear show couldn’t disappoint.
It is a very bold move to chose to have all the editors and buyers standing at a runway show and it is exactly what Fendi did. But I guess you can do that when the clothing, the casting and the setting are so breathtaking. Having models walk on a runway made of sand only made the clothing look better as it was out of context and the colors popped on that yellow background.
Colors, a lot of colors were the key to this collection in a very early-day Jil Sander kind of way. The cuts were sharp, clean and color blocking was key throughout the whole collection. We also got to see some hints of fabric mixing on jackets made of leather and ostrich leather. Fur is the speciality of the house of Fendi, but who wears fur in the summer ? The brand knew how to translate its knowledge of animal skin in a practical way, offering pieces made of exotic leathers instead.
Lots of mustard, royal blue, camel and burgundy in this collection and some interesting tie and dye silk tee shirts that gave off a more laidback attitude to the clothing.
Benoni Loos, Alex Dunstan, Matthew Bell, Linus Gustin, Rutger Schoone, Anders Hayward, Simone Nobili, Yannick Abrath, Malcolm de Ruiter, Alex Ferrario, Jester White, Peter Bruder, Tom Webb, Charlie France and the gorgeous Guerrino Santulliana were part of the casting of this incredibly diverse collection.
Mary Yasmine Arrouche


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